Monday, January 23, 2012

ObamaCare Death Panels Coming in 2014

Buried deep within the over 2800 pages and 425,000 words that comprise the ObamaCare law, we find a provision for creating an Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB). The IPAB creates an unelected board of 15 politically appointed "experts" whose primary objective is to "cut healthcare costs" from Medicare. Since by all credible estimates (including the Congressional Budget Office), ObamaCare will greatly increase healthcare costs, the panel's only means of cost control will be the rationing and denial of proven medical treatments to otherwise qualifying patients.

Thus, the decision on who lives and who dies is left in the hands of these 15 bureaucrats. Incredibly, there's very little that can be done to challenge this board if ObamaCare is not repealed. Establishment of the IPAB is a massive expansion of government control and a gross violation of the Separation of Powers. The panel's rulings are not subject to review by the courts and can only be overridden by a super-majority of congress, an extremely difficult task.

BHO's comrades in the media, such as the New York Times, and the liberal blogosphere continue to deny the existence of this death panel (or paint their opponents as being paranoid and/or of spreading falsehoods), hoping that most people will believe their coverup rather than reading this portion of the healthcare bill for themselves. The good news is that even many liberals that favor killing innocent babies are drawing the line in opposing the killing of seniors (seniors have the right to vote). Yet, we still have an uphill battle, so we urge all our readers to contact their senators and representatives to voice concern and disapproval on this pro-life issue.

For more information, see Truth in Action Ministries - The “Death Panel” Buried Deep Inside the Health Care Law, and The Weekly Standard - The Real Mediscare.


  1. Where in the plan is this panel memtioned exactly?

  2. Ernesto. Thanks very much for the excellent question. On the last version I saw (HR3200), the section referred to above runs roughly from pages 425 to 430. There's also some related legislation on page 341, which allows the feds to disqualify some Medicare, Medicaid, HMO etc plans based on quality checks that include evaluations of patient health, mortality, safety and quality of life. The bill also contains many sections (Sect 1131 beginning on p265) with language designed to slow future growth of Medicare payments to help offset the cost of this enormous bill. On page 379, a telephone advisory committee is established consisting of physicians, health-care workers and plan "administrators" to give out advice over the phone. Even liberal NY Times writer Paul Krugman admits that the "binding judgments" of the IPAB will "save a lot of money" in regards to selective healthcare for seniors.

    The US House (with the support of many dems such as Barney Frank) voted to repeal the IPAB portion of the bill back in March, but it has been blocked in the Senate by harry Reid so far. Thanks again for your question and God Bless.

  3. Harry Reid seems to be following the devil's agenda.....why is this evil man so powerful? It frightens me......I do not want to see my parents refused medical care because they are too old! My husband and I are in our 60's and can probably look forward to the same evil agenda. What can we do????

  4. Anonymous. Thanks so much for sharing your concern. The Constitution originally provided for election of senators by the state legislatures. This was to prevent the Feds from directly or indirectly seizing power reserved for the states. Unfortunately, the 17th Amendment established the election of senators by popular vote. Harry Reid has benefited greatly from this change, which allowed national organizations to greatly influence the political process. Many senators are now more beholden to the powerful national interests than to their constituents back home (particularly Reid, who receives a large majority of his campaign and other contributions from out of state).

    Coupled with the federal takeover of the public school system during the Carter administration (establishment of the NEA) which has re-educated much of the younger generations, the people have lost the will and knowledge to hold elected official accountable. Perhaps this is the most frightening aspect. There have always been radicals like BHO, but a couple of generations ago, they were not electable, much less re-electable after their true agenda was clearly revealed.

    What can we do? I'm afraid our political options are limited. Perhaps our best chance is for Obamacare to self-destruct, but BHO is illegally delaying and tweaking the law on-the-fly in an attempt to minimize the damage until after the next election. We should also continue to educate as many people as possible (undo what they're being taught by the media and public schools).

    Our best option is to keep praying, and we'll certainly pray for you, your husband, and numerous others in similar situations. We serve a sovereign God that will never leave or forsake us. As Alan Redpath, the British pastor and Bible teacher during the WW2 Nazi attacks on England often said, "
    Let's keep our chins up and our knees down -- we're on the victory side!"


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