Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A Policeman

OK, I'm back. These past few weeks, most of my spare time has been spent developing our new Hebrew Heritage section, in which we explore the often neglected Jewish roots of Christianity. This new section has now been launched, so we can turn part of our attention back to the blog.

My good friend William is a Dallas Police Officer. I recently heard the following quote delivered by Adrian Rogers from his message, Christian Citizenship. In an era in which many, including President BHO, maintain such a low opinion of those defending us here and abroad, this message is very timely.

A Policeman

A policeman is many things…

“He is a son, a brother, a father, an uncle, and sometimes even a grandfather. He is a protector in time of need and a comforter in time of sorrow. His job calls for him to be a diplomat, a psychologist, a lawyer, a friend, and an inspiration.

He suffers from an overdose of publicity about brutality and dishonesty. He suffers far more from the notoriety produced from unfounded charges. Too often acts of heroism go unnoticed, and the truth is buried under all the criticism.

The fact is that less than one-half of one percent of policemen ever discredit their uniform. That’s a better average than you’ll find among clergymen. A policeman is an ordinary guy who is called upon for extraordinary bravery for us. His job may sometimes seem routine, but the interruptions can be moments of stark terror.

He is the man who faces a half-crazed gunman, who rescues a lost child, who challenges a mob, who risks his neck more often than we realize. He deserves our respect and profound thanks.

A policeman stands between the lawbreaker, the law abider and the lawbreaker. It’s the prime reason your home hasn’t been burned, your family abused, and your business looted. Try to imagine what might happen. Try to imagine what might happen if there were no policemen around, then try to think of ways to make their job more rewarding.

Show them the respect you really have. Offer them a smile and a kind word. See that they don’t have to be magicians to raise their families on less-than-adequate salaries."

We think policemen are great. We thank God for all the little boys who said they would be policemen and all who kept their promise. We hope you feel the same way, and we hope you will show it, so that there will always be enough good policemen to go around.

- Adrian Rogers (original author of quote unknown)


  1. I recently heard this from Dr. Adrian Roger's sermon (1030 AM Raleigh) and wanted to find this online so I could print it out and pass it along to any law enforcement, because I think they should read this. Thanks for posting it on your web site.

  2. Thank You "J", and thanks for passing it along.

  3. I saw this portion this morning by Pastor Rogers and was hoping I could find it somehow on line, AND I DID! My good friend is a retired policeman and it was wonderful to see a well-known pastor give so much credit to our police officers. Thanks for having this available. Brenda

  4. Brenda. Adrian Rogers is one of my spiritual heroes. God Bless you and your friend, and thanks very much for your comment.

  5. This is very true. We offen tend to ignore that, many times taking their sacrifice for granted. This needs to be reminded in time such as this.

  6. Dr. Rogers was paraphrasing the famous "Policemen" tribute that Paul Harvey gave years ago. You can hear it on YouTube.

  7. Thanks very much for the reminder from "Unknown". I had completely forgotten about the Paul Harvey tribute. Mr Harvey had so many classic commentaries over the years, but I think this was certainly one of his best.


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