Friday, March 26, 2010

Was Jesus Perfect?

A couple of months ago in our Sunday School class, Allan came up with the idea to have an open forum in which all attendees could ask any questions related to Christian doctrine, difficult passages in the Bible, or any other moral, ethical or family related issues. This actually went on for several weeks and provided some very interesting discussions and debates. I’ve written one article featuring some of the questions and have a second one almost completed.

Some of these inquiries pose a different challenge than the ones limited to Bible doctrine. While Bible interpretation almost always requires some reasoning, these discussions involve a bit more speculation than normal. So, in the spirit of an open forum, I’ll be posting a lead-in to each article on our blog, allowing any reader wishing to add their own opinion or comments to return here and do so.

The first article centers on a question regarding Jesus’ humanity while on earth. We know that Jesus was sinless, but “Was He perfect”? In this discussion, we examine the various meaning of the term “perfect”, Jesus’ humanity, His blood (normal or supernatural?), results of the fall, and more.

Read the entire Was Jesus Perfect article.

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