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How does a True Christian’s Life Differ from other People?

Guest Post by Melisa Marzett:

Note: The following article is partially written from a Roman Catholic / Eastern Orthodox theological perspective. The main concern of the article however, is proper Christian living rather than doctrinal teaching. Although the theological views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and may not necessarily reflect those of ad Dei Gloriam Ministries, this article presents an excellent picture of true Christian living on this temporary earth as we look forward to our glorious eternal home.

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bible with rosary A true Christian is a completely different person compared to other people.

He is distinguished by thoughts, feelings, words, and deeds; he is among others, as the world star. Compare a true Christian with a non-Christian or with people who only bear the name of Christians and live in a disproportionately high rank, and you will see a big difference.

For example, people usually think about how to live in peace, to have prosperity in everything, how to live life happily.

But the Christian does not think much about the temporary, he has the main and, for the most part, the only concern about how to please God and appear in the next world with the hope of eternal life and bliss.

Others, according to the Savior, believe in time, but fall away during temptation (Luke 8:13), consider themselves to be among the believers, and if by faith there would be at least the slightest danger of losing either honor, or gain, or simply attention and disposition of the highest, ready to hide their faith, in the case of open persecution and completely abandon the faith.

What about a Christian? The Christian stands firmly in his confession; he is not shaken by any circumstances. In the case of extremes he is ready to endure exile, and torment, and death; he finds solace in sorrows and torments in the words of the apostle Paul: for me, life is Christ, and death is gain (Phil. 1:21).

Others just think about how to improve their condition, increase benefits and get rich, at least sometimes not entirely righteously and honestly, even with fraud, with harm to one's neighbor.

What about a Christian? God save you! And what is wealth to him? He knows well and firmly remembers that maybe he will not be in the world today. Will the wife and children remain? Why, they are the same people, the same Christians!

All must live for God and their salvation. Having food and clothing is not rich and luxurious, but necessary – it is not difficult, and having them, we will be happy with it (1 Tim. 6:8).

And look again, what a marvelous generosity and patience Christians have! For example, a person is subjected to contempt, resentment, harassment, persecution. What is it like to endure? Others in such circumstances are discouraged, complaining, trying even, if they can, to take revenge on their enemies.

What about a Christian? He tolerates everything with pleasure. Indeed, he says, people acted with saints. But they all endured and in patience blessed God. They blaspheme us, says the holy Apostle Paul about himself and others, we bless; persecute us - we endure; blaspheme us - we pray (1 Cor. 4:12-13).

And the true Christian, bearing in mind these examples, not only does not harbor hatred for his enemies but loves them and is charitable to them.

Take poverty again: how bitter it is for a person, and who is calm and indifferent to it!

What about a Christian? He is calmer and happier in poverty than any rich man. He well understands that poverty is the best and most reliable way to acquire celestial treasures, and with wealth - that and see that you forget and die forever. If misfortune happened to him, ruin, loss of those dear to the heart, then what?

Do you think he will complain, like others, grieve, cry, torment, or, worse, grumble at God, despair, curse his birthday? Oh no! He sees the will of God in everything: it has been given to him — he thanks God and uses for the benefit of others and for the glory of God, is taken away — he does not regret and plunges himself into the will of God, saying after the righteous Job: the Lord gave, the Lord took; as the Lord pleased, so it was, blessed be the name of the Lord! (Job 1:21).

Is death threatening him? Oh, how terrible it is for a man! It is hard to part with life, with the light, with family and friends.

What about a Christian? The Christian is calm in this case too. What is death to him? He always thought about her, always expected and prepared for her; for him, she is a transition to a better life, to the Creator, his Redeemer, and God. He had nothing to regret: he had nothing, and if he did, he did not stick to anything, he considered everything to be temporary and as if the other (Nordov, “Holy, blessed.”, Vol. 2, p 489-491).

Here, Christians, what a high rank we have and how many we differ from other people, non-Christians! It is only necessary to try to be worthy of him; one must be Christians not only by name but also by life, by the internal arrangement of the heart.

About the author: Melisa Marzett is an article writer who is freelancing and traveling for quite some time now. Currently writing for english writing, she provides her grateful audience with good reading. Being much of a reader herself, not a day goes by without her reading a few pages of some book and practice both physically and mentally.

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