Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day 2010

As we enjoy our picnics, trips to the beach or whatever this holiday weekend, let's pause to remember those brave men and women of our military who paid the ultimate price so that we can enjoy these freedoms. I watched the Arlington Ceremony this morning, and VP Joe Biden gave a very good speech. I can see why Mr Obama sent Mr Biden rather than attending the traditional event himself. For one thing, I think our so-called Commander-in-Chief would be very uncomfortable sitting through the National Anthems with all those American flags waving. Unlike the last Democratic Convention in Denver, I doubt anyone threw any of these flags in the trash afterward.

Turning back to the positive, there are still many people in our great country who still support our troops. Michelle Malkin has several good tributes on her blog, and Oliver North has posted a must read Memorial Day tribute on the Patriot Post.

Finally, we’ve posted a Tribute to Our Fallen Heroes on our main website. God Bless our Brave Troops.

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