Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Spills and Floods

Whoa, has it been this long since I last posted? I’ve been working on a modern version of the Didache along with notes, commentary, and Scripture references, which was a very rewarding endeavor. Turning to our blog, I have some new posts about ready to load, but let's begin by catching up on a few events.

The one event to monopolize most of the media attention over the past couple of weeks has been the BP oil spill in the gulf. After vilifying President Bush for his perceived slow response to Katrina, the lamestream media yawned when Mr Obama took his time responding to the oil spill. The Dems finally swung into action, emailing supporters to "stand with President Obama to hold BP accountable", and oh yeah, while you’re at it, please send money. This could get interesting, since it was revealed the next day that Mr Obama is the biggest recipient of BP cash. Many dems have returned contributions to BP, but so far, Mr Obama has chosen to keep the money.

Meanwhile, the Obama administration finally sent a representative to view the flood situation in Tennessee. I kept waiting for Nancy Pelosi to demand that Mr Obama rush the money “that we owe these people” as she did to President Bush during the New Orleans flood. I was shocked that Ms Pelosi used the words “that we owe them” instead of “that we should send as a charitable act” or similar. I wasn’t shocked by her “owe me” mentality, only that she chose to use the words in publicly. According to Ms Pelosi, if certain people experience misfortune, the government "owes" them taxpayer money. It certainly wasn’t a surprise when most of the media spiked the comment to protect Ms Pelosi. Perhaps Mr Obama wasn’t as concerned about the Tennessee victims, since they were regular middle class working folks who cling to their guns and religion during times of crisis, rather than looking to the god of government for a bailout.

Let's continue to pray and help our friends in the Tennessee and neighboring states. As a Texan, I'll always be grateful for the brave volunteers who fought and died alongside our ancestors at the Alamo.


  1. Why attack all residents of New Orleans? There are many good people here who would rather be working than taking government money.

  2. Thanks Anonymous for your insightful comment. You are correct that there are many outstanding citizens in NO, and I know several personally. Our church was the local headquarters for providing temporary shelters for flood refugees coming into our city.

    I was actually thinking of those who would rather draw entitlements than to work. I know there are many who would rather be working, and this was certainly not directed at them.

    Incidentally, although I often come up short, I attempt to write with a balance of charity and conviction, confronting a person's actions, comments or idealism rather than the person himself. Thanks again for allowing me to clarify.


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