Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Pray for Muslims During Ramadan

I received an email from Pat, the Minister of Missions at Hunters Glen Baptist, alerting us to a new prayer guide called 30 Days of Prayer for Busy Christians on the Go. This one page daily reminder was developed by The Thirty Days of Prayer Network as a daily prayer guide to encourage Christians to pray for Muslims throughout the Islamic month of Ramadan. Pat writes:
As we continue to focus on the essentials of building relationships with our neighbors for the cause of Christ, let me remind you of an important event that is taking place around the world. Millions of Christians are joining together to pray for Muslims during the Islamic month of Ramadan. As we see more and more Muslims on our campus in our ESL classes and in our multi-ethnic churches, we want to reach out to them in the love of Christ. We have multiple mosques in our community teaching Islam to more and more people every week. We must be proactive for the kingdom of God and pray for those in our community and around the world. Please be diligent in praying for the hearts of Muslims to be open to the gospel message during this event, beginning August 11th for 30 days.

May God be glorified and honored through our prayer and outreach during Ramadan and may many Muslims come to know the Lord Jesus as their Savior and Lord.

While we must continue to oppose certain agendas of the radical wings of the Islamic religion, we must above all, pray for all Muslims, not just during Ramadan, but throughout the year. Political solutions will always fall short. The only permanent solution to Radical Islam is the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. We encourage our readers to visit the Thirty Days of Prayer Network website for additional information, including articles and ebook downloads on Islam, the Muslim people, witnessing, culture and beliefs, and prayer guides in many other languages.

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