Saturday, September 11, 2010

Have We Learned Anything in 9 Years?

On this anniversary of 911, after posting a retrospect column by Michelle Malkin, we offer a must read from one of my favorite and most respected contemporary columnists, Joseph Farah, the founder, editor and CEO of WorldNetDaily. Today, he has written a very important article which asks the question, Have we learned anything in 9 years? In the process, Mr Farah goes beyond the usual political rhetoric and identifies the actual underlying spiritual issues, so we take the rare step of reproducing his article in its entirety.
What have we learned in the nine years since history's most devastating attack on America by Islamic terrorists?

Not much.

We're still involved in two seemingly endless wars half-way around the world that doesn’t seem to have any coherent objectives or definitions of victory. Meanwhile, back home where the attack took place, we're planning to allow a Muslim Brotherhood front group to build a victory mosque.

The attack of Sept. 11, 2001, remains a dark cloud in America's history with no silver lining – no awakening to the dangers we face from future subversion by the enemy responsible. It is as if Americans have a collective case of Stockholm Syndrome. Too many of us have become sympathetic to our enemy, the one that killed 3,000 of us and made the rest of us weep.

Who would have believed that only seven years after that attack Americans would elect a president raised abroad as a Muslim, bearing a Muslim name and apparently in love with all things Islamic? It would have been inconceivable. Only when he bankrupted and humiliated the country did Americans begin to wise up.

The mosque at Ground Zero represents the tip of the iceberg in terms of a long-term threat to the security of this nation. New mosques are springing up all over America – most of them funded by foreign money and controlled by the hideous ideology that form the basis for the attack of 9/11.

We're all still screened at airports to prevent yesterday's attack – often by Muslims wearing burkas!

Islam is now taught as a religion of peace in our schools, despite 1,300 years of history to the contrary.

Our media are full of accounts of an imaginary bigotry called Islamophobia.

When Muslims go on the rampage in mass-murder attacks like the one at Fort Hood, members of the media class wring their hands about reporting their names and government officials deny they are examples of terrorism despite the fact that they share the same motivation as the 9/11 hijackers. Muslim Brotherhood front groups parade across our television screens on a regular basis condemning Americans for biases they don't show.

Who could have imagined this would be the paralyzing result of that devastating attack? This is insanity. It's a mental illness. There is no other explanation for it. America is deeper in denial today about the threat Islam poses to our security than it was prior to the attack nine years ago.

Like it or not, Islam is not a friend to Americans, Christians or Jews – no matter how it is soft-pedaled in certain politically correct circles today.

There will be those who try to portray this column as an anti-Muslim screed. It is not. I do not condemn all Muslims. In fact, I have sympathy and compassion for those trapped in their 7th century worldview. I do, however, have a beef with all who subscribe to Saudi-style Shariah law. Muslims in the U.S., who subscribe to Shariah law, have a duty and obligation to place that ideology ahead of any allegiance they might have to the U.S. Constitution. That effectively makes them unworthy of U.S. citizenship.

But, then again, we have a president who wipes his feet contemptuously on the Constitution. So I don't expect even a new class of leadership in Congress to require any loyalty test for new citizens.

There is, however, something we can do – and must do. For those who recognize the truth in what I am saying, particularly evangelical Christians, let me propose a new strategy in line with what Jesus would command us.

Jesus told us to love our enemies. We best express that love by sharing the good news Jesus brought the world.

It's time for American Christians to realize what a fertile missions field we have right here in the United States with an expanding Muslim population and many new gathering places they are building.

If they have the religious freedom to build these mosques all over America, we have the Christian duty to evangelize them, to persuade them they are worshiping a false god and revering a false prophet – one who, by the way, has no record of making even one prophecy!

Since we're all learning more about Islam every day, let's put that knowledge to good use. Let's all vow to make new Muslim friends – and bring them to the saving grace of the one true God of the universe.

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