Saturday, September 11, 2010

Prayer for America

As I reflect back on the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center, I remember how many of our churches were filled to capacity or beyond. I remember having to bring in extra chairs for the aisles and along the side walls, at least for a few weeks before attendance got back to normal.

Now, nine years later, our country faces many challenges. It has long been said that our once great nation would fall from within, and we’re currently seeing much evidence to support this prediction.

So, at this critical time, we must be in extra prayer for our nation. So far, no matter how apostate our nation becomes, God has always been faithful to raise up a remnant of godly men and women. We are happy to report that a few have organized a special time of prayer and would encourage our readers to become involved in one or both of these campaigns.

Michael Youssef of Leading the Way Ministries launched God Save America, a covenant to pray for our nation from July 1 to November 2. Dr Youssef states that “"We are facing forces that are unabashedly declaring their intention to destroy this nation by disregarding the moral and biblical framework of the founders' convictions. Unless we become involved and are vigilant in prayer, we risk the loss of our freedoms." As of this writing, almost 70,000 people have signed up.

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In addition, the National Religious Broadcasters began If My People Pray, forty days of prayer for America beginning September 1 thru October 10. This campaign is being supported by Christian ministries such as Coral Ridge, Love Worth Finding and many others.

If ever our nation needed prayer, it’s now!

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